Aim is a non-profit sports organization that wishes to encourage and teach teamwork, sportsmanship, responsibility, and trust to as many participants as possible. Our vision is to enable as many people through athletics as possible in order to provide them with personal and professional success.


U6 – U18 Youth Leagues

  • Yemeni American Soccer League (YASL)
    • Fall/Winter
    • Summer
  • DCFC Fall/Winter League
  • Taylor Soccer Club Summer League 
  • Several in-house leagues and tournaments throughout the year

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Adult League

  • Yemeni American Soccer League (YASL)
  • United Premier Soccer League (UPSL) 
  • Michigan Premier Soccer League (MPSL)
  • Michigan United Soccer League (MUSL)
  • Out of State Competitions:
    • North America Cup (16 Clubs from 10 States)
    • Sheba Cup (US  and Canada)

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Program Activities

Players are given the opportunities to join our many leagues and teams depending on skill level, we plan for practice 2-3 times a week in order to prepare participants for potential competitive games and events.

We have had 200 youth participants as well as 400 adult participants across competitive and non – competitive games, we expect this number to grow along with our community.


Skills & Drills

For players with advanced skills and greater ambition, highly competitive leagues will be offered. Besides being in a favorable environment for development as a person, kids may dream about securing a college scholarship. Kids will be directed to the right channels to recognize their potential through working with organizations within US Youth Soccer that can help them reach their ultimate dream. We will also consult with US Youth Soccer on ways to improve our club to meet the needs of a highly successful program

Coach Selection

The coach selection begins by defining abilities and characteristics. The Coach must understand that it is about the players and not the coach. Must have good communication skills, attentive, supportive, friendly, and knowledgeable. The coach must be committed to the success of all kids and organization.

Coach selection is based on the following criteria: interview, evaluation of certifications, experience as a player and a coach, behavioral/attitude, and other commitments.